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Payment Services Directive

The Minister for Finance has signed the Regulations, giving effect into Irish law to the Payment Services Directive II. The vast majority of the provisions of PSD2 come into operation on 13th January 2018. For more information, click...

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Financial Conditions of Credit Unions

The Central Bank issued their 2nd edition of ‘Financial Conditions of Credit Unions’ where they have expanded on their sectoral analysis including analysis by credit union asset size and common bond type. For more information click...

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Central Bank Guidance on Long Term Lending

The Central Bank published guidance on long term lending for credit unions, setting out its expectations that credit union boards seeking to develop their business models are expected to consider and address. For more information, click...

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Macro-Financial Review

The Central Bank of Ireland published its second edition of the 2017 Macro-Financial Review (MFR), which provides an overview of the current state of the macro-financial environment in Ireland. Read document...

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