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Registrations with the FCA

On 6 April 2018 the responsibility for registering mutual societies in Northern Ireland moves from the Department for the Economy (DfE) to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). For more information, click...

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PRISM Supervisory Commentary 2018

The Registry of Credit Unions has published it’s PRISM Supervisory Commentary for 2018, analysing the issues identified in its Risk Mitigation Programmes (RMPs) on a number of credit unions following on-site engagements. For more information, click...

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FCA and ICO Joint Update on GDPR

The Financial Conduct Authority and the Information Commissioner’s Office published a joint update on the General Data Protection Regulation. The update includes reference to the board level responsibility required under GDPR and that fact that financial institutions...

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Changes to Investment Regulations

The Central Bank announced changes to Investment Regulations for credit unions. Three new investment classes are being introduced, accompanied by the introduction of specified credit quality, maturity and concentration limits. For more information, click...

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Payment Services Directive

The Minister for Finance has signed the Regulations, giving effect into Irish law to the Payment Services Directive II. The vast majority of the provisions of PSD2 come into operation on 13th January 2018. For more information, click...

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